Service Coordination – What Does It Really Mean?

The Haven provides food, shelter, educational programming, service coordination, and other resources to people struggling with poverty. The term “service coordination” can be puzzling and is sometimes not well understood by those outside the field of social services, yet it is a major part of what we do at the Haven. What does it mean exactly?

Safe Haven

Have you ever lived in your home without water for a day or two, due to a water heater problem, frozen pipe or some other plumbing issue? Did you go to a friend or family member’s house or maybe the gym to take a shower? Do you remember feeling somewhat “off” that day because of the change in your routine?

It’s Never Too Late (or Too Early) to Give Back

Every day at the Haven, we see examples of kindness and selfless giving from community members, donors, staff, service recipients, children, or others on our campus and in our work. This generosity extends to our shelter guests, many of whom express their eagerness volunteer or support the Haven in the future to repay what has been given to them. Some even start giving back while they are still staying with us.

A “Haven Magic” Moment

When Joanna came to the Haven in need of clothes for work, we gave her a clothing voucher to use at the Listen Store. During the same visit, her service coordinator Tara noticed that she was wearing a flip flop that made her out of balance with the orthopedic boot she wore on her right leg.

Community Pitches In

The VT state police brought Jeanne to the Haven after finding her in her broken-down car on the side of I-91. It was 10 below zero. Snow on the ground. She had a two-wheel trailer attached to her old vehicle, which looked like it was on its last legs. Jeanne wore a sleeveless dress and sneakers.