Stocks and Bonds

Stocks and Bonds Held in Street Name

When you transfer appreciated assets to the Haven, you avoid paying capital gains tax and become eligible to take a charitable deduction for the entire donation amount if you own the stock for at least one year and itemize deductions.

Directions are Charles Schwab & Co. for the account of the Upper Valley Haven #2556-0410. DTC #0164, code #40.

Alternatively, using this tool, it only takes a couple of minutes to access account information to share with a broker or fill out the forms online to complete the gift electronically. Learn more and get started!

Please call the Haven to inform us that a stock gift is on its way so that we can properly acknowledge your gift.

Stocks and Bonds Held in Certificate Form

You can sign the title of the certificate directly to the Upper Valley Haven. “Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.”, should be written on the attorney line for deposit into the account. If you sign the back of the certificate, then we can complete the remaining information required for deposit.

Mutual Fund Shares

Mutual fund shares are not DTC eligible. They require writing a letter re-registering the number of shares you desire to gift into a new account for the Upper Valley Haven. This letter should be signature guaranteed, and should read as follows addressed directly to the fund group: I desire to make a gift of my account balance, account #XXXXXXXX to the Upper Valley Haven, Inc. Please re-register # of shares of my XXXX Fund into the name of the Upper Valley Haven, Inc., tax ID# 03-0277908, 713 Hartford Ave., White River Junction, VT 05001.

Gifts of Securities

When you give long-term appreciated securities, you receive an income tax deduction equal to the market value of the securities, and you avoid capital gains taxes on the transfer. To deposit gifted securities into the Haven’s brokerage account, please have your broker email or call Laura Gillespie at the Haven (802-478-1803) to inform her of the official date of the gift. We need this information to furnish you with an accurate acknowledgment for your tax records.

Feel free to contact Laura Gillespie, by email or by phone at (802) 478-1803 with any questions regarding gifts of securities. We realize there are many ways for you to fulfill your philanthropic goals. We welcome a discussion with you about gifts of securities, legacy giving, and more.

Stock FAQs

What are the tax benefits of donating appreciated assets?

By donating stock rather than selling it, you will avoid paying a capital gains tax. Capital gains tax is a tax on the profit made from the sale of a non-inventory asset like stock. These can be as high as a federal tax rate of 20% of long-term holdings (or stocks being held for more than one year). Some states have an additional tax rate on top of the federal rate. If you donate a long-term holding and itemize deductions, you can also take a charitable deduction of the entire donation.

Can I have an example of how transferring stocks can save me money?

When you donate stocks, you are essentially saving 30% on taxes by excluding gains from your returns. Let’s say you want to give a gift of $1000 to the Upper Valley Haven this year. If you want to sell the stock before donating it, you would have to sell about $1400, and pay the $400 in taxes on the sale of the stock before donating the remaining $1000. But if you transfer the stock directly to the Haven, you only need to transfer the $1000 worth of stocks, and you won’t have to pay the tax.

I’m convinced that donating stock is a great way to give, but I don’t want to lose my holdings.

After donating stock, you are eligible to buy the same stock again within the day. This allows you to make a powerful, tax-savvy gift while maintaining your portfolio, no matter the market.

I work with a financial advisor. Can I share FreeWill’s stock tool with them?

Yes! We encourage you to consult with a financial advisor before making any donation of appreciated assets. If you choose to make a gift, you can share this tool with them and they can use it on your behalf. It will save you both time and it will ensure that you receive the tax documents you need to deduct the donation on your upcoming return.

For my gift to be eligible for my tax return this year, when should I give?

We recommend following the market to ensure that you can give the best gift based on the assets you hold. However, for your gift to be eligible in your tax return for this year, please transfer your stocks by December 31st.