When you make a gift to the Haven, you're making a lasting difference

Thank you for donating to the areas of most need, allowing the Haven to allocate your gift in order to best serve those in our community struggling with poverty. Your gift goes to work immediately in the Haven's four domains of work, supporting staff, our campus and facilities. Learn more about how giving to the Haven makes an impact on individuals and families struggling with poverty:
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Your Gift in Support of Service Coordination

Many people come through our doors in need of more than food, clothing and/or a shower. Your gift in support of Service Coordination means help for those in a crisis. Sometimes they are in need of shelter when all of our beds are full. Other times they are housed, but most precariously because they are, for instance, choosing between paying the rent or their utility bill, which might be a month overdue. Other times they have medical issues that have compromised their employment status. Our Service Coordinators assist with short-term development of solutions and referrals to other organizations for longer term help.
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Your Gift Designated for Education

Your gift designated for the Education of Adults and Children allows the Haven to provide programs, workshops and courses to guests in our shelters as well as in our community. The goals of our Adult Learning Opportunities are to provide participants with the resources, motivation and skills to secure and sustain financial stability and permanent housing. The After-School and Summer Camp Programs seek to help children increase confidence and academic achievement, and provide opportunities for creative exploration, stress-reduction, and relationship-building.

Your Gifts Designated for the Food Shelf

The Food Shelf provides a week’s supply of healthy groceries once a month (including meat, dairy and produce), and unlimited access to bread and produce to anyone in need. Gifts designated for Food help alleviate hunger in many ways. We offer a Healthy Eating Program which addresses food shelf visitors’ needs for inexpensive and healthy eating options. It is designed to serve everyone who comes through the doors of the Haven. The program consists of developing healthy and budget-conscious recipes, on-site food preparation using ingredients found at the Food Shelf, and food sampling for clients with hand-outs of the corresponding recipes.
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Your Gift to Shelter Service

Your gift to Shelter Services helps support the Haven’s three shelters. Hixon House has 22 beds and houses adults without children, Byrne has beds for eight families and our Seasonal Shelter, open November through April, offers 16 beds for guests during cold weather months.

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Over 70% of the Haven’s revenues come directly from individuals who make donations by check, credit card, or gifts of stock. We couldn’t do it without you, thank you! Using your gift carefully is how we honor our donors.
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