September Is

Hunger Action Month

This September, choose to stand against hunger. Sharing, volunteering, pledging, fundraising, and donating are just a few ways to help end the impossible choices of hunger.

Donate Today

The impossible choices of hunger are closer than you think. Your neighbor, colleague, or even friend may be forced to sacrifice food to make ends meet. Learn more about the impossible choices of hunger around your community. Our goal is to mobilize everyone in the Upper Valley to take action in the fight against hunger.

Here are a few ways to help:

Will you join us in speaking out against hunger? Activate your network of customers, colleagues, and employees to make a lasting impact on the lives of our friends and neighbors in need.

Interested in how you can support someone facing hunger insecurity?

Orange is the color of hunger. This Hunger Action Day, let’s stand together by wearing orange, turning our city landmarks orange, and raising our voices all across the country on behalf of the millions of people facing hunger.

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Children in Vermont face hunger

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Food Insecure Population (60+ years of age) in VT

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People turned to food banks and community programs for help putting food on the table in 2022.

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Overall food insecurity rate in Vermont