Providing assessment, outreach, case planning, financial budgeting, housing counseling, employment support and community referral services

Many people come through our doors in need of more than food or a shower. Sometimes they are in need of shelter when our beds are full. Other times they are housed, but precariously because they are, for instance, choosing between paying the rent or their utility bill, which might be a month overdue. Other times they have medical issues that have compromised their employment status. The Haven’s Service Coordinators assist with short-term development of solutions and referrals to other organizations for longer term help.

About Our Service Coordinators

Service Coordinators who work in our shelters with community members, provide aftercare support to guests moving into permanent housing from both the family and adult shelters, and assist people in both Vermont and New Hampshire who are experiencing poverty, homelessness, or food insecurity, both generational and situational. A lot of the work they do is behind the scenes, but they are highly skilled and make a big impact within the community.

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Some of Our Services

  • Guiding guests and visitors through the process of identifying strengths and vulnerabilities in their life situations.
  • Supporting community members in designing a plan of services specific to their needs.
  • Working with local partners to aid community members in crisis.
  • Connecting community members with resources related to employment, health, healthcare, transportation, utilities, childcare, and more to address their needs.
  • Establishing relationships with local housing facilities, landlords, and employers that allow for appropriate and timely referrals to be made.
  • Assisting clients in searching for housing, filling out applications, and providing transportation via bus passes or personal vehicles when needed.

The Haven’s Aftercare Program

When shelter guests move to permanent housing, they continue to manage complicated situations in their lives. The Haven’s Aftercare Program is of critical importance - offering ongoing support, advocacy, nurturing, and intervention to interested clients moving from the Haven shelter into permanent housing.