Food Shelf Curbside Pick-up

Mon-Thu: 10:00am-4:30pm    Fri: 10:00am-3:00pm

713 Hartford Avenue, White River Junction, VT
If you have special needs or questions, please call 802-295-6500 to talk with a Service Coordinator.

The Food Shelf is open to everyone. It does not matter where you live, your job status, or your income. It is available as a one-time resource or for longer periods of time.

We’ve had conversations with Upper Valley residents looking out for their neighbors who are concerned that they don’t “qualify” for the Food Shelf or they should leave the food for someone else who needs it more. We want to assure you that there is enough to go around. And we don’t want anyone to have to choose between food and their health or paying bills.

Did you know?:

  • Many of the people you see at registration are picking up groceries for their neighbors and family members.
  • The registration process collects information needed to track how well we are meeting community need, and personal information is not shared.

Yes. Groceries are available to people living in Vermont, New Hampshire, or any other state.

You can visit the Food Shelf for a full grocery shop once per calendar month. You can visit us for produce, bread, desserts, and other items (as available) as often as needed during business hours. See below for more details.

The Food Shelf is open Monday-Thursday 10:00am-4:30pm, Friday 10:00am-3:00pm.

If you cannot make it to the Haven during those hours and don’t have a family member or friend who can pick up for you, please call 802-295-6500 to talk with a service coordinator.

In 2024, the Haven offices and Food Shelf will be closed on these days:

Memorial Day                         Monday, May 27
Juneteenth                              Wednesday, June 19
Independence Day                  Thursday, July 4
Labor Day                                Monday, September 2
Day before Thanksgiving       Wednesday, November 27  close at 2pm
Thanksgiving                           Thursday, November 28
Christmas Eve                          Tuesday, December 24        close at 2pm
Christmas Day                         Wednesday, December 25
New Year’s Eve                        Tuesday, December 31         close at 2pm
New Year’s Day                       Monday, January 1, 2025

The Food Shelf is located at 713 Hartford Avenue in White River Junction, Vermont.

You can park on site at 713 Hartford Avenue White River Junction, VT or in the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church parking lot.

There is an Advance Transit Green Line stop located in front of our building on Hartford Avenue.

You may assign a friend or family member to pick up your groceries for you. Local service providers are also welcome to pick up groceries for their clients. If another person is shopping, they will need to provide your registration information upon arrival. Please call in advance or send your friend or family member with a note giving them permission to pick up your Food Shelf groceries for you.

Upon arrival, please come indoors to register for a Monthly or Daily Food Shelf visit. A volunteer or staff member will be inside to help you and answer all questions. We will be offering two options for shopping- shopping the food shelf in person with a volunteer or completing an order form and waiting outside where we will bring your food to you. If you choose the option of us filling your order while you wait outside, we will hand you a buzzer that will go off once your order is filled. The estimated wait time is 15-20 minutes. We will bring out your groceries and we ask that you kindly return the cart to a volunteer, which will be sanitized for the next customer.

A Monthly Food Shelf includes dairy, meat, eggs, and non-perishable items. It requires a quick registration and you can receive it once a month.

You will be able to customize your Monthly Food Shelf by preference, allergies, or dietary needs. We provide an order guide so you can select your preferred items and/or tell us whether you are gluten free or dairy free.

A Daily Food Shelf includes produce, bread, desserts, and specialty items. It requires a quick registration and you can visit as often as needed. You will be able to choose the items you’d like and a volunteer will gather them for you.

Grab & Go offers prepared foods and non-food options like personal care items, books, and sometimes other specialty foods. It does not require registration and you may help yourself as often as needed.

Please feel free to contact us in advance of your visit (call 802-295-6500 or email us) to discuss your concerns. You can also ring our front doorbell or visit the registration window to connect with one of our staff members or volunteers when you arrive on campus.

We have accessible parking and ramps on our campus.

All questions are voluntary. If any member of your household is not comfortable answering, please let us know and we will make sure to respect their privacy.

For statistical tracking purposes, we ask many questions, but we do not need proof of address, identity, income, or any other personally identifying information. They are simple questions that do not require any paperwork on your part.

Please come prepared to verbally let us know the name, date of birth, relationship to head of household, military status, and town and state of residence for each member of the household, as well as the number of people in the household and whether the household receives any disability income, food stamp benefits, or employment income.

We have ended the Caruso Café Program and no longer offer daily hot lunches or sandwiches.

A bread rack is located in the front foyer outside of business hours and on weekends at the Hartford Avenue location; please help yourself to bread as needed.

Our community service coordinators would be happy to talk to you about other resources that may be available. Please call 802-295-6500 between 9am-4:30pm Monday-Wednesday or 9am-3pm Thursday-Friday to be connected with a service coordinator.

The Upper Valley Haven is part of Upper Valley Strong, a coalition of organizations that come together in times of emergency to help our communities. For additional services and resources, please visit