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Supporting Community Service Coordination

The 8th Annual Haven Day of Giving!

In 2024 this event supports Community Service Coordination.

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Community Service Coordinators assist individuals and families in the Upper Valley who are experiencing poverty, homelessness, or food insecurity, both generational and situational.

  • Your gift supports the work of guiding guests and visitors through the process of identifying strengths and vulnerabilities in their life situations.
  • Supporting community members in designing a plan of services specific to their needs.
  • Working with local partners to aid community members in crisis.
  • Connecting community members with resources related to employment, health, healthcare, transportation, utilities, childcare, and more to address their needs.
  • Establishing relationships with local housing facilities, landlords, and employers that allow for appropriate and timely referrals to be made.
  • Assisting clients in searching for housing, filling out applications, and providing transportation via bus passes or personal vehicles when needed.
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With your help, individuals and families who are already stretched thin, are experiencing poverty, or are unhoused, can look to the Haven for help with complicated problem-solving.

The Haven’s Annual Day of Giving is a 24-hour online challenge to support people and programs at the Haven! Providing assessment, outreach, case planning, financial budgeting, housing counseling, employment support and community referral services to anyone in need.

The number of people who come through our doors proves how vital Community Service Coordination is.

Thanks to generous friends like you, community members facing hardship can come to the Haven and be heard, gently guided in next steps, and begin a path forward.
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