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Your Neighbor’s Pantry


The Upper Valley is a special place, and a lot of its unique charm comes from the value placed on connectedness within and between our towns and cities. This region’s listservs are one example of the area’s focus on neighborhoods, and more notably, our neighbors.

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An Honor for Kristen Coats

Kristen Schweitzer Award
Kristen Coats, Community Relations Development Coordinator at the Haven, was recently honored with the 2018 Leadership Award by the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship of NH/VT. Seen here with Fellowship Program Director, Nancy Gabriel, Kristen has invested herself as a mentor to [...]
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Hunger Action Month

FOOD – Shelter – Education – Problem-Solving In September, the Upper Valley Haven will join forces with Feeding America, food banks, and community food pantries across the country during Hunger Action Month to raise awareness about the national hunger crisis. [...]
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