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Your Neighbor’s Pantry


The Upper Valley is a special place, and a lot of its unique charm comes from the value placed on connectedness within and between our towns and cities. This region’s listservs are one example of the area’s focus on neighborhoods, and more notably, our neighbors.

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A Q&A with Michael Redmond

Photo Oct Pm
Michael Redmond started as the Haven's new Executive Director on October 15, 2018. Before he can meet the myriad supporters and partners of the Haven throughout the Upper Valley, we asked him to share a few things about himself with [...]
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Russell’s Next Chapter

On September 13, 2018, Russell received a small token with big meaning. That date was his two-year anniversary and the token was a sobriety chip at Alcoholics Anonymous. For such a small item, that coin represents more than meets the [...]
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Perspectives of the Laundromat

A personal reflection from Laura Gillespie, Director of Development and Communications at the Haven: Just before Christmas, I was preparing my home for the holiday influx of family and friend house guests. As I was making beds, changing and washing [...]
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Surviving Alcoholism

Russell enters the room with a warm greeting, slowly but steadily making his way to the table. He is slightly off-balance, but seems confident. You wouldn’t guess that he had a major surgery on his cervical spine in April 2017; [...]
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