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I wanted to let you know how thankful I felt when I left the Haven this evening. 

My neighbor had called in an order for me to pick up for her. The volunteers packed it up […] and as I was gleaning and cleaning up, I was able to add odds and ends to her order. I also gave her quarts of skim milk close in sell-by date and a couple prepared meals. Needless to say, she was thrilled. 

Today’s pantry order will help her through the next couple weeks, as she avoids going out. Since her business was crushed by COVID-19, she has struggled.  

I appreciate being able to deliver her food from the Haven. Makes my heart flutter with joy! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to volunteer! 

Warm Regards,  

Mary Alice 

Mary Alice, a Haven Food Shelf volunteer, recently shared this note with us about helping a neighbor at the end of one of her volunteering shifts. Not only are we grateful for Mary Alice’s time and help as a volunteer, we were extra thankful that her neighbor, who would have otherwise had trouble accessing the Food Shelf, could fill her pantry with groceries from the Haven.  

The Upper Valley is a special place, and a lot of its unique charm comes from the value placed on connectedness within and between our towns and cities. This region’s listservs are one example of the area’s focus on neighborhoods, and more notably, our neighbors. Echoes of “how can I help?” are plentiful in the Upper Valley, and so we offer Mary Alice’s example of how we can each utilize our networks and neighborhood connections for good.  

During the pandemic and even after (we will get there!), think about your neighbors. Check in with them regularly—a note on their door or in the mailbox, a Facebook message, a socially-distanced chat in the driveway. Ask if they need anything, offer to pick up groceries for them. At the Haven, groceries from our Food Shelf are available to anyone who could use them—produce, bread, prepared meals, and specialty items daily; dairy, eggs, meat, and non-perishable items monthly. There are no requirements for registration like geography or income. With a simple note or phone call, a friend or family member can pick up for another household. And residents of both Vermont and New Hampshire can visit for groceries without quarantining before or after because groceries are essential.  

If you need more details or have questions, give us a call. We love to connect with our neighbors. 


*Community members who are interested in volunteering with the Haven can learn more here or email Kerri, our Volunteer Coordinator. Safety is a priority at the Haven and we are closely following CDC guidelines during the pandemic. 

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