A “Haven Magic” Moment

When Joanna came to the Haven in need of clothes for work, we gave her a clothing voucher to use at the Listen Store. During the same visit, her service coordinator Tara noticed that she was wearing a flip flop that made her out of balance with the orthopedic boot she wore on her right leg.

Community Pitches In

The VT state police brought Jeanne to the Haven after finding her in her broken-down car on the side of I-91. It was 10 below zero. Snow on the ground. She had a two-wheel trailer attached to her old vehicle, which looked like it was on its last legs. Jeanne wore a sleeveless dress and sneakers.

Safe & Warm

Clare came to the Haven in the bitter cold — homeless — carrying her infant son and everything she owned. She had almost nothing; and no time, space or focus to put her life back together. At the Haven she could breathe again knowing she had a roof over her son’s head, and a place to call HOME.

Sheltered Gems

Often, when a homeless person comes into The Upper Valley Haven, he or she comes with the clothes they are wearing and possibly a few personal things. This winter, a young boy brought along a seemingly insignificant item. But, in a setting of safety and sharing, it was discovered that he actually had something extremely precious. Read on to see just how priceless it was….

To Work or Not to Work

Consider this. A woman is an independent contractor; a computer consultant based out of her home. She gets divorced, and is the one chosen by the court to keep the family house. But, the property expenses, including the mortgage, are too much for her to afford. She eventually ends up losing her home, and moving in with one of her children until she can get back on her feet. But that situation becomes untenable for her daughter. Why?

Welcome Back

Last month a former shelter guest who stayed with us 30 years ago came back to the Haven for a visit. He had stayed with us in the little farmhouse (Hixon House adult shelter now sits on part of its original foundation today) back in 1984 after the place he was staying in Royalton had burned down.