Anyone Can Become Homeless

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Many people think “I’ll never be homeless”. But on Wednesday, March 5th Haven volunteer and Norwich resident, Judy Pond lost her home to a severe fire with flames estimated to be at least 18 to 20 feet high.  Unforeseen disaster is one of the top five causes of homelessness throughout the US.  Luckily, Judy was not present during the fire and she has been reunited with her beloved cat, Shadow, who had been originally presumed dead after the blaze.  Fire Chief Stephen Leinoff said the home was a “total loss” and “there’s not much salvageable.”

The Haven reached out to Judy following this disaster, and learned something special about her resiliency and her perspective on life. Judy assured us that she has the help that she needs for recovery, despite the massive loss. Even more, she was adamant about keeping her scheduled volunteer shift at the Haven’s Warming Shelter.  She pointed out that now more than ever she wants to be here helping to provide shelter to those who are homeless. As she said, “anyone can be homeless!”

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