The temporary food shelf at 608 N. Main is open! Up and running! So far, we have seen similar numbers of food shelves going out each day, and have seen new families use the service as well. 

Construction on the Byrne building food shelf is underway. The exterior back entrance and the end of the hall will be closed for an extended period while that takes place. According to our contractor, the food shelf renovations will take between 3-4 months.   

We will be updating this page for the volunteers as we know more and as renovations progress. If you have any questions, thoughts or concerns, please reach out to us at or fill out an online suggestion form HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will the renovations start and when will the temporary food shelf open?

The renovations at 608 N. Main (the temporary food shelf) are finished. The temporary food shelf at 608 N. Main is open and operational.

How is the Haven communicating this plan to customers?

We will have signage around the Haven and hand outs for each food shelf order. Website. Social posts. Word of mouth.

How long will the renovations take?

Renovations on our main campus will take an estimated 3-4 months.

What will the setup look like at 608?

There will be a large waiting area, inside, near registration. Customers will register and fill out their order forms inside. The rest of the building will be split east/west with the shopping side in the middle and the backroom at the far end.

Will customers be shopping inside? Hybrid model?

We plan to have customers wait inside but not shop for their orders at 608. Once we return to the main campus we will offer both options (hybrid).

What are the registration plans for over there?

Our Registration Coordinator Morgan will be stationed at 608, along with registration volunteers.

Grab-n-Go food?

Premade, donated food (like wraps, sandwiches, or rotisserie chickens) from partners like Hannafords will be available on the daily food shelf list. The sandwiches and sides that are made in the cafe will be given to people who come to the Byrne building for service coordination or specifically for lucnh.

What about Café food?

Café food cooking/making will remain at the main campus in the Byrne building. We will not have sandwiches or prepared food at 608. We are not permitted to have people eat on site or to prepare food there. We will continue to have hot lunches made in the cafe at Byrne, though on a smaller scale to start.

What's the parking situation at 608 N. Main? For customers and volunteers and staff? Will there be a shuttle?

Parking is limited. Customer parking is located on the north side of the lot and staff is parking on the south side of the property behind the coolers. Advance transit added a bus stop at the temporary food shelf location along the yellow/orange lines and is available by request.

Will there be any waiting areas/shelters over there?

Just in the lobby.

What is the bus situation at 608 N. Main?

Currently there will be no changes to the bus schedule or stops. The closest stop to 608 is at the Bugbee Senior Center.


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608 N. Main Food Shelf Draft Plan


Proposed Food Shelf Renovations Byrne Building Draft