Hixon House Adult Shelter

The Hixon House Adult Shelter for homeless adults without children opened in 2010 thanks to generous community supporters who completed the $2.2 million capital campaign and met the Kresge Challenge.

This building, designed by UK Architects and built by Shepard Construction, is a renovation of the original Haven farmhouse, plus new LEED energy efficient construction. The shelter has room for up to 20 guests, with two guests in each bedroom. Space includes 10 bedrooms, staff offices, counseling rooms, phone rooms, check-in, an elevator, computer room, kitchen, common areas for dining and recreation, bathrooms, laundry, and storage. Three meals a day are provided for adults residents with their participation. The Hixon House shelter provides for individuals and couples what the Byrne House Family Shelter provides for families: a safe place to stay while making positive changes in their life.


The Haven staff help families and adults become financially stable, and secure permanent housing by assessing individual needs and personal goals and providing guidance and resources to be successful. Service Coordinators help individuals gain access to the most meaningful opportunities, including connecting them to community programs, Vermont Adult Learning (GED) and local schools.

There are three core objectives of the program:

• Achieve financial stability
• Secure jobs
• Find permanent housing

Service Coordinators and Shelter Staff encourage guests to participate in the Haven’s own educational programs: Rental Rights and Responsibilities and Budgeting; Getting Ahead In a Just Getting By World; Work Practice Program; Financial Literacy Programs; various health and wellness programs; arts and leisure programs; and children’s educational and enrichment programming. Shelter guests are connected with health organizations, welfare agencies and child care, and are helped with transportation to meetings. Staff assists with searches for housing and employment, helping with budgeting and providing follow-up throughout the process. Through the work of the staff, the guests improve in self-sufficiency & financial stability which helps break the homeless cycle.

While they are guests in one of the Shelters, adults and older youth all contribute to the well-being of the community. Each person contributes time every day to do a chore that helps to maintain an environment that is good for all, in addition to being responsible for the personal space each is assigned. In addition, people who choose to do so or who do not have at least 20 hours per week of work do additional volunteer activities that sustain the overall facilities or programs of the Haven.

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