Volunteer at the Haven

Volunteers support all of our programs and allow us to provide the many services that we offer. The time, special skills, and dedication that our volunteers contribute are an essential part of the Haven community. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, with a diversity of personalities, styles and talents to match the needs of our community.

Volunteers spend an average of 2,625 hours a month serving the Haven. There are over 600 volunteers who are committed to a regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule in direct service to our guests. In addition we have numerous schools, churches, private groups, and businesses who participate in special events over the year that make the Haven a livelier, healthier, and more vibrant community center.

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Individual Volunteers

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Group Volunteers

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Please contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator with your questions on volunteering at the Upper Valley Haven.

More ways to help

  • Create opportunities for a Haven staff member to speak to your class, faith group, or club. Creating awareness of the Haven in our community is of the utmost importance to the success of our organization.
  • Write a letter to the editor or to your local legislator about lack of affordable housing in your community. Public awareness is a great way to affect change.
  • Organize a food drive and deliver items to the Food Shelf. If you and your friends and family would like to stock the food yourself, schedule a time after regular hours to do so.
  • Lead skill development workshops on topics of interest to our guests (interview skills, parenting, computer skills, budgeting, arts etc.)
  • Have a “giving party”! Choose something to celebrate and have guests bring items that can benefit those in need. We accept unexpired food items and other currently needed items that are listed on our homepage.
  • Join in on one of our “Days of Service.” Throughout the year families, groups, or individuals can all pitch in for a day to make the Haven a better place. You will have the opportunity to organize our storage area, deep clean the Food Shelf, wash windows, do yard work, and participate in other painting and maintenance items. We provide drinks and snacks for all who participate. We end the day with a question and answer session and a time for volunteers to meet with one another and reflect on the importance of volunteerism.
  • Collect and organize cloth bags or recycle plastic bags for use in the Food Shelf.
  • Participate in a sort-a-thon for the Vermont Food Bank located in Barre. This helps the Haven in two ways. Until food is sorted and packaged, it is not available for purchase at discount to food shelves like ours. Also, volunteers who participate in a sort-a-thon can designate an organization to donate food bank money. For every hour spent, the Haven could be designated to receive $2 worth of food! ($2 can go further than you think at $0.18/lb!)  For more information visit http://www.vtfoodbank.org.
Photo Gallery: Upper Valley Haven Volunteers