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Last month a former shelter guest who stayed with us 30 years ago came back to the Haven for a visit. He had stayed with us in the little farmhouse (Hixon House adult shelter now sits on part of its original foundation today) back in 1984 after the place he was staying in Royalton had burned down. “I have a great story about the Haven… it was there I picked up my brushes and painted. That’s how I spread cheer and joy; through the murals I create on the sides of old buildings. Holiday designs, nature, you name it…. The Haven was not just a flop house. We did chores, pitched in, and were encouraged to go out and work for the things we wanted. I hid my art before then. Now it makes me happy.” He remembered Mary Feeney and her husband Paul, who were the host family at the time. “My daughter is still friends with Mary’s daughter today!” Why had my new artist friend come back to the area? He moved back to Wilder from Brattleboro, VT to help his daughter fix up her house, and has plans to work at a local restaurant, and paint, to make ends meet. Welcome home! Pictured here is a collection of his creations.

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