Volunteer Impact in 2012

Over three thousand men, women and children per year arrive at the Haven in search of food, clothing, a shower, emergency shelter, or aid in solving crises. Since 1980 we have welcomed all as equals respectfully and without judgment. We have done this through the efforts of community volunteers; our volunteer to staff ratio is 17:1. Volunteers support every program that we have and they are essential to our ability to meet the needs of our community on a daily basis.

In 2012, 518 community members volunteered their time at the Haven. Volunteers never report or count all of their hours in service to the Haven, but we can document at least 30,536 hours in 2012. Using the nationally identified figure of $20.85 per hour, it would have cost $636,675 had this work been done by paid staff.

While the savings to the Haven is great, the impact of the volunteer corps cannot be calculated as a dollar amount; it can be seen on a daily basis in the faces of those who come in the door worried and stressed and leave with a smile, a lighter step and the food or support that they need, resulting from their interaction with a welcoming volunteer. On behalf of the community that we serve together, thank you for all that you bring to the Haven!

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