“Why let it go to waste?”

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“Why let it go to waste?”  This was a question that Taylor Haney of Longwind Farms, an organic tomato wholesaler in Thetford, VT, asked herself a few weeks ago. Longwind Farms prides themselves on selling high-quality tomatoes; tomatoes with the slightest defect were not being sold and ending up rotting. Until this year, most of the “unsellable” tomatoes at Longwind Farms made their way to the compost pile. Three times this past month, Taylor stayed after work for a few hours, boxed up the tomatoes, put them in her car and drove them to the Haven to be distributed through the Haven’s Food Shelf. “They were amazing quality, but not fully ripe, so we used them in our depleted canned tomato section with signage telling customers to let them ripen and then freeze them to use in place of the canned version.  It was a perfect replacement for out of stock product, and much better quality,” said the Haven’s Food Shelf Coordinator, Lori Lounsbury.

Longwind Farms has donated more than 1,000 pounds of tomatoes to the Haven. “It is great to know that these tomatoes aren’t going to waste; that people in our community are using them,” said Taylor when she delivered her most recent donation of tomatoes. Thank you Longwind Farms; and especially Taylor, whose creative thinking and hard work made their donation possible!

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