Bagels are a Big Deal

Bagel Shot

“My daughter really wanted a bagel today when we were paying for gas at the station. I barely had the change to scrape together to pay for it. I bought it for her, she took two bites, and then she wouldn’t eat it because she didn’t like the flavor that had her excited about it in the first place. I was angry because all I could think of is that we just wasted $1.50 on a bagel that was going to waste, and it needed to go toward food for dinner that night. My daughter felt my frustration, and it made me feel terribly. I don’t want her to know, or worry, that I struggle to buy her a bagel and put food on the table each night. This is what poverty is like. Bagels are a big deal, and you always feel on edge.” – Haven Food Shelf Visitor

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