My Journey Started at the Haven

Outside Of Hixon House

My experience with poverty is tied very strongly to an episode of major depression that began to rear it’s ugly head near the end of 2009. I had started a business in 2008 that was failing; and I was very aware of the fact that my financial situation was deteriorating and my major depression was returning in full force. I will never forget the helplessness and despair that gripped me on the day that a dear friend gave me a ride to the Haven.

I was soon staying at the Hixon House Adult Shelter. I surely did not know then, and I scarcely can believe now, that a miraculous recovery had begun. The Haven is a wonderful sanctuary for all the people in need that find their way to it from near and far. The wonderful people that work at the Haven are truly amazing in their abilities to serve the needs of anyone in crisis. The many people, organizations and businesses that support and sustain the Haven are to be treasured immensely.

My depression is now in the past. I have many reasons to believe that it will stay there. My worries about my financial insecurities are greatly diminished. I wish to extend my eternal gratitude to all the people at the Haven for watching over me and allowing me the time to heal.

I spent a very long time searching for the key that would open the door to happiness. I did not always look in very healthy places. I have now come to believe that the door was never locked. May the doors of the Haven be the starting point for the journey out of any situation that anyone finds themselves in now. I believe that with hard work and help the worst will pass.

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