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Have you ever lived in your home without water for a day or two, due to a water heater problem, frozen pipe, or some other plumbing issue? Did you go to a friend or family member’s house or maybe the gym to take a shower? Do you remember feeling somewhat “off” that day because of the change in your routine?

Just like losing power in an ice storm, this experience can quickly jolt us into awareness of how much we take basics like water, food, and heat for granted. A part of our day that we rarely even think about suddenly requires energy, problem-solving, and persistence to figure out.

For those facing homelessness, the next hot shower or meal is not a given and is rarely taken for granted. These are instead a constant source of anxiety—and when compiled with more complex issues like unemployment, health problems, or estrangement from family or children—can be crippling. Finding short- and long-term answers can be overwhelming for people living in turmoil or in abusive situations, or suffering from mental illness.

The Haven strives to provide solutions to some of these fundamental needs facing the homeless. In addition to our Food Shelf and two shelters, here are some of the other ways we offer assistance:

  • We have towels, toiletries like soap and shampoo, and a private shower available to any visitor during our regular business hours.
  • Snacks and hot beverages are available to anyone who visits our Café in Byrne House. This area serves as an open and welcoming space where visitors can gather and talk with others. Being homeless is an isolating experience. At the Haven, we seek to bring people together and make connections.
  • We offer a seasonal shelter that is open in the colder months, from November to April. These 12-15 extra beds are available to anyone who needs a warm place to sleep. Haven staff members work with seasonal shelter guests to secure permanent housing.
  • For those who need clothing, we offer vouchers to the Good Buy Store across the street and to the Listen Center that allow individuals to select items of clothing for free.

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