In Honor of Rose


We recently received this note from a supporter and friend:

The small check for the Food Shelf is in honor of my friend Rose – a 31-year-old single mother who did some gardening for me for a year. She is a great person – smart, sensitive, honorable. She has not been very reliable for many of the same reasons you hear again and again from those who are struggling… an old car which continually breaks down, a family illness (her mother has uterine cancer, her 4-year-old has the usual children’s sicknesses). She is trying to finish college while juggling her job as a mother (and daughter), and a breadwinner. She is also extremely open-hearted and is always helping someone in trouble (someone who lost his job & apartment, an abused friend and her children who were in real danger). These are efforts she can hardly afford, financially or her own energy. But can I fault her? No!

She called me and couldn’t work this week because her legs are so weak she can’t move well, much less garden. She has a thyroid problem, and it has been exacerbated by the fact that money is tight and she hasn’t been eating as well as she should. Her doctor said she was seeing more and more health problems caused by lack of adequate nutrition. I am horrified. Thank God for the help that the Food Shelf gives to so many people.


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