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While I am volunteering at the Haven you will see me with a smile on my face – I know how much a smile can make a difference in someone’s day. It mattered a lot to me when I lived for a short while at the Haven when I was a child. And it mattered to me that the Haven gave us a real Christmas that year, as my brother and I were secretly afraid that being homeless meant that we could not have the special dinner and gifts that children dream about.

  My path was not easy even with help from the Haven. I dropped out of high school, became a parent at a young age, and struggled to make it on my own. I am now married, have a strong family with 5 children, and I’m finally working towards the success I always wanted.

   My dream of going to college has become a reality. I’m a student at the Community College of Vermont working towards a double major in Early Childhood Education and Human Services. Everything I went through has given me more strength and helped me become more successful.

   “I am proud to go from receiving shelter at the Haven when I was 10 years old to helping provide services to others in need.”

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