(Alize is pictured on the left, and Hyzel is the second from the right. The photo was taken on a field trip to VINS.)

“They are doing well in school because the Haven’s After School Program taught them both how to read!”

When Kim Grantham, the Haven’s Children’s Services Coordinator, picked up the phone it took her a few seconds to recognize the excited voices on the other end of the line. “Kim, it’s 82 degrees here and sunny! How much snow have you gotten? We hear it’s a lot… We love school, and I have straight “A”s! I wanted to call because I know you’d be so proud of me!” Alize blurted without even stopping for a breath of air.

Hyzel, Alize’s little brother got on the phone. “School is great. I like living in Florida, but hope we can come see you this summer in Vermont. I got “A”s too, Kim…” He was so upbeat and social on the phone, telling Kim all about school, the warm weather they were experiencing and the neighborhood where they live.

Doreen and her two grandchildren stayed at the Haven’s Byrne Family Shelter for a period of time, and then the boys continued to participate in the After School Program for over two years, and Doreen was a regular volunteer in our Clothing Room when she wasn’t working or with her beloved grandchildren.

“Kim, the boys are doing great. They really wanted to call because they knew people at the Haven would be proud. They miss the Haven staff and all the kids. Kim, they are doing well in school because the Haven’s After School Program taught them both how to read! We owe it to the Haven for pointing us in the right direction. We are so grateful!”

“These calls are priceless. I was so happy to hear their voices and learn they are doing so well.” – Kim Grantham

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