Paycheck to Paycheck


In February, Heidi came to the Haven in a panic when her pay check was stolen. With her job at a local fast food restaurant, Heidi was living paycheck to paycheck. Having her paycheck stolen meant that she would come close to getting evicted again. She’d had dodged eviction a few months before by borrowing money from a friend; but because she owed her friend money, she was behind on paying rent. She met with Nancy Griffin, a Haven Community Case Manager, to ask for a loan but did not have a sustainable budget to repay it at the time. So Nancy helped her reach out to the Lebanon Housing Authority to apply for a rental subsidy. She received a subsidy, and then was able to work with the Haven to get a short-term loan for an apartment deposit.

Heidi grew up in in poverty, never knowing anything different, but her determination to create a better life for herself has finally started to pay off. Over the last few months she has created positive relationships with her landlord, employer and members of her community. Heidi has held the same job for more than six months now, and in that time has worked her way up to receiving more responsibility and better pay. And, with an adequate place to live in Lebanon, NH she will now be able to care for her daughter again, who has been under the custody of her grandmother.

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