My Future Life Story


Faith DuBois, Upper Valley Haven Shelter Staff Member, leads a Getting Ahead class in Ives Library at the Haven.

“My future story begins today. I have struggled my whole life, and made some poor decisions; but today, and my future are going to be different. I’ve learned so much since I have moved into the Haven. About people, and more importantly, myself.

I will work harder than I ever have on my goals and deficiencies. I have passed the LNA course (with high honors) and I will find a job that will allow me to help others and feel a sense of accomplishment. What I have learned in the LNA course and Getting Ahead class gives me more tools than I have ever had in the past, and allows me to have independence. I will save up money to get my own apartment and a reliable vehicle. I plan to work as an LNA while I continue my education to become a RN or EMT. This is the time for me to move into a nice place that allows dogs. Two dogs sounds good. The rest of my life with be full of learning and self-growth. Never giving up. Never quitting.” – Jeff, Getting Ahead Graduate

Getting Ahead In A Just Getting’ By World is a program designed by Philip E. DeVol that takes Ruby K. Payne’s ideas from her book Bridges Out of Poverty and teaches those in poverty how to build economic stability. This book explores the gap between the rich and the poor, building resources, changing one’s economic reality and transition. Getting Ahead measures individual progress through SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals.

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