Ledyard Bank 2013 Partnership

Ledyard Bank

Ledyard Bank and the Upper Valley Haven have developed a new program partnership for 2013. Many of these initiatives have never been done at Ledyard and will allow the bank the opportunity to focus philanthropic efforts in a sustained and meaningful way throughout the year. The Haven is honored to be their “adopted” organization of 2013!

To kick off this partnership, Ledyard Bank organized a hat & mitten drive. Employees plan to organize additional food & clothing drives throughout the year including “Fill the Vans”, Thanksgiving Turkey Drive, and drives for special needed items when our Food Shelf is low.

Each Ledyard employee is being given a three hour block of time during the year to volunteer their time at the Haven. Volunteer opportunities will include cooking and serving a meal to individuals and families staying in the Haven’s Shelters, organizing Haven events, on-the-ground efforts in the Food Shelf & Clothing Room and more. In addition to giving employees time to give back to the community, Ledyard will match financial donations made by employees to the Haven.

Ledyard Bank is continuing their Loan Program with the Haven, which allows the Haven to make small loans, at no interest, to those needing support to move forward in life. Many people come to the Haven and are struggling to choose between paying their utility bill or car payment. It is a delicate web, and when one support breaks, the rest can disintegrate. This partnership has helped ensure that when one support weakens, the Haven and Ledyard can continue to make a difference in 2013.

A new program at Ledyard, the Individual Deposit Account (IDA) program, will allow Haven visitors and guests to open a savings and checking account at Ledyard with no minimum balance and no fees. Once Haven visitors and guests have reached a specified dollar amount in their savings, Ledyard will make a one-time contribution to their account.

Ledyard and the Haven will also offer financial seminars for community members and those who utilize the Haven’s services. Wealth Management & Planned Giving seminars will be open to all in the community. Financial literacy seminars such as FDIC programs like “Savings Makes Sense” will be for those who are financially constrained. If you are interested in attending or learning more about the Wealth Management & Planned Giving seminars, please contact karina at kmcnamara@uppervalleyhaven.org.

This partnership between the Haven and Ledyard Bank will be beneficial to both organizations as well as the community at large.

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