Jeremy’s Ticket Home


Enormous suitcase in hand, 55-year-old Jeremy arrived at the Haven after being out all night. He was greeted warmly by a Haven case manager, who listened as Jeremy explained the series of events that had brought him to the Haven’s doorstep.

Jeremy had traveled from Colorado to Vermont to live with his adult son. Jeremy understood from his son that he was doing well, after having battled an addiction in the past. When he arrived in New England, however, he discovered that his son was still using drugs and that the living environment with him was unsafe and unsustainable. Jeremy explained that, for the past year, several of his children had been stealing from him, repeatedly, to fund their addictions. They even stole from his locked car. He had a modest pension, and learned that his son had only wanted him to come to Vermont so he could access the pension money for drugs.

Jeremy had raised four children on his own. He held an administrative job for 25 years and had his own home. Now, he had no money and no options for getting home. Thankfully, his best friend in Colorado invited Jeremy to stay with him. The Haven provided Jeremy with food and shelter for a couple of days, and after verifying the housing plan with the best friend, helped Jeremy purchase a bus ticket back to Colorado for $302.50.

In Jeremy’s case, $300 meant the difference between a ticket to safety and imminent homelessness.

Once Jeremy is back in Colorado and re-settled, he has promised to reimburse the Haven for the cost of his bus ticket, so the money can be used to help someone else.

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