Hulbert Outdoor Center Partnership


Children and staff in the Haven’s After-School Program are excited about a new collaboration that began this month with the Hulbert Outdoor Center in Fairlee, Vermont and its InspiringKids program. Every other week, staff from Hulbert visit Bev’s House—the home of the Haven’s After-School Program—to work with children on teamwork, problem-solving, group communication, and leadership. These are important skills for all young people, but particularly for the children we serve, many of whom are living in crisis and have experienced trauma and chronic instability.

In addition to helping children build these critical strengths, Hulbert staff will help facilitate a special project that centers around the kids’ experience of living at the Haven, for example, a welcome letter for new children moving into the shelter, a short guide about living at the Haven from the kids’ perspective, or possibly something to give to children when they move out of the shelter into permanent housing.

“Hulbert programming has always focused on empowerment, working together, and building positive communities. The addition of the InspiringKids program has allowed us to focus more intentionally on helping students to make an impact by supporting local nonprofits and bettering their community,” said Katie Knowles, Director of Program Development and the InspiringKids Program at Hulbert. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to work with the kids at Haven. These kids have invaluable insight and experience about the importance of the Haven’s programs and services and how to help those who are facing similar challenges. We want to help them explore their strengths, talents and interests, and work together to support the Haven and the families that rely on their services.”

The Haven’s Children’s Program offers the consistency and routine that most children need, combined with opportunities to participate in new and exciting activities. Trained staff work closely with parents to support children’s academic, emotional, and other needs.

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