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Matt McIntyre & Carol Robert, the Owners of Housing Solutions Real Estate, were delighted when a friend stumbled upon a tiny artist gallery in North Conway NH that made wonderfully whimsical ceramic homes. The gallery, “Essence of Art” is a working artist studio and retail store that provides employment and other support to developmentally disabled artists.

They immediately decided to buy several dozen homes to display in their office window and to provide as closing gifts to clients who purchased homes. They also decided to make a donation to the Haven equal to the price of the home as part of the closing gift . As people walking by on the street began to ask to buy the homes, Matt and Carol began selling them to the public and donating 100% of the proceeds of the sale to the Haven.

Housing Solutions has become Essence of Arts largest sponsor and the sale of their homes has in turn provided significant financial support to the Haven.

For more information contact – info@hs-re.com or stop by our office located at 5 Allen Street, Hanover, NH.  Also visit www.hs-re.com.

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  • Dear Housing Solutions,
    Do you have a selection of your ceramic houses available for sale this week? If so, what are your hours?

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Barbara,

    Someone is usually in the office from 9 to 4 Monday through Friday. We have 50 or 60 homes on display and available for sale right now, come on by.


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