Hope, Perseverance and Resilience


Darlene’s story is one of hope, perseverance and resilience. It demonstrates quite beautifully the strength that we often find within us in the face of tragedy. In January 2011, Darlene’s oldest daughter, Michelle was diagnosed with ALS. Darlene remembers feeling scared and angry when she found out, but she held on to her faith and still firmly believes that there is a purpose to what has happened to their family.

2011 was a hard year for her family, and Darlene and her husband found themselves trying to feed six people on just $100 a month. Like many people, they turned to the Haven for food. A few months after their daughter Michelle passed away, Darlene and her husband decided to move from their rental house into a mobile home but they didn’t have the money for the deposit. A woman at their church suggested that they come to the Haven for help. They had been to the Haven for food and clothing a few times but not for other resources. They met with a case manager, and were given enough money to pay for half of their deposit.

“The Haven gave me a comfort that I didn’t think I would get again,” Darlene says. “The memories in that house were killing me.” Like many people, Darlene was unaware of the services that the Haven offers, but thankfully she came to us for help and we were able to support her as she takes this next step.


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