It’s -5°! This is Home.

Lyme Church

Rev. Steve Gehlert of Lyme Congregational Church is spending this bitter cold week sleeping in front of his church to bring awareness to homelessness and inspire community members to step out of their usual routines to take time to help the Haven. Rev. Gehlert believes it is important to “…appreciate what life is like for some who, though close geographically, are light years away in terms of their daily struggles. For most of us, troubling news usually comes through media we can choose to turn off. Homeless people don’t have that option; they live the bad news of hunger and cold, lack of work and homelessness every day”.

We at the Haven admire and appreciate Steve’s work which honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by helping to shed light on social inequality and the continued need for the community to join hands in helping our neighbors in poverty. Want to volunteer? Learn more about the warming shelter… Read about Rev. Steve in
the Valley News…

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