Health & Poverty


I moved up to the area three years ago to be closer to Dartmouth Hitchcock, because its doctors were the only ones that were able to identify my brain aneurisms and treat me afterward. I had to quit my job due to my health issues, and became overloaded with medical bills; I was struggling to get by.

That’s when a friend told me about the Haven.

The Haven is such a positive, genuine place. It is just a godsend for people who don’t have anything. I use the Haven’s Food Shelf only when I need it. I try to use it just every two to three months so that there is enough food for others out there who need to use it too. I also like to visit the Haven’s Clothing Boutique because I can find seasonal clothing when money is tight.

I thank goodness for places like the Haven, and feel so lucky that even though I live in NH, I am able to travel across the river, and state lines, to visit the Haven when I need some extra help.

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