Haven Magic


Have you ever experienced the “magic” that can happen at the Haven?
13 year-old Maddie Hikada has and it inspired her to give back!

Maddie first learned of the Haven after Tropical Storm Irene caused mass amounts of damage and unrest in our area. Maddie lives in NYC but spends most of her summer in Vermont.  She experienced “Haven Magic” as she was delivering a donation.  She brought a stroller in to donate, but due to space limitations we were not able to accept the donation at that time.  On her way back to the car she met a single mother of 5 who was in desperate need of a stroller.  This experience inspired Maddie to focus her community work for her Bat Mitzvah on the Haven.  Starting in April of 2012, Maddie began planning to make special winter hats with her friends at camp.  In the Fall she delivered a box full of more than 25 hand-made hats like the one she is wearing the picture. In addition to teaching others about the work that we do here, she also requested friends donate to the Haven in honor of her Bat Mitzvah.

Good work, and thank you, Maddie!

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