Garden Grow Kits


The warmer temperatures in the Upper Valley have inspired us to think of SPRING! One of the best parts of the season for us is seeing the Haven gardens come back to life after the long winter.

Did you know that in 2016 the Haven had the following and more growing on its campus? We will be producing these again this year:

apples  asparagus  beans  blueberries  broccoli  currants  garlic  grapes  herbs

lettuce  onions  peppers  raspberries  squash  sunflowers  strawberries  tomatoes

And new this year—peaches!

Throughout the year, Haven garden volunteers work behind the scenes to support the Haven grounds and gardens as well as our Food Shelf customers. Right now, a volunteer group led by master gardener Jane Metcalf is busy preparing Garden Grow Kits with seed packets that were donated to the gardening program. Each kit contains a dozen packets of seeds for direct sowing (i.e. lettuce, carrots, cukes, beans) as well as basic directions for planting a small backyard garden. The Haven gardeners stand ready to assist with advice and a bucketful of rich compost from the Haven’s own compost bins.

The Grow Kits will be available to anyone who passes through the Food Shelf. This is one more way we can help our customers have access to free food.


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