VOTING HAS CLOSED. See the results below!

To view the pets, click here. To vote for your favorite pet(s), click the link under their photo to go to the 19 Days Pet Contest voting page. Each vote is $1. In the comments section of the donation page, please indicate the name of the pet you are voting for. The winning pet will win a gift certificate to West Lebanon Feed & Supply! Voting will close at 5:00pm EST on Tuesday, December 19.

To enter your pet, click here to pay the $15 registration fee. Once you’ve entered, please email your photo to us (preferably 2MB or less) with your pet’s name. We will post it in the Facebook photo album so the public can vote on their favorite! Don’t forget to share your pet’s photo on Facebook or via email to get more votes!

The proceeds of this contest will be divided equally between the Haven and the Upper Valley Humane Society. We call that a win-win!

You can also vote in person at Dan & Whit’s. (Please note that the likes on Facebook do not indicate the leading pet as we will be tallying votes made online and in person.)

Want to learn more about the pet contest? Read Dear Pet Owner penned by Fido and Tabby. Any questions? Email us!


Finn 855 << winner of the pet contest!
Kooper 760
Patrick 501
Thelma & Louise 347
Obie Joyful 215
Lottie Dawg 182
Sierra 145
Winston 137
Freddie 130
Charlie G 90
Lottie L 85
Bella 75
Shelby 61
Winnie 57
Scout 55
Ollie 50
Daisy 45
Hero 45
Buddy 40
Lad 30
Mergatroid 27
Beans 25
Beau 25
Quigley 25
Twister 25
Barley 20
Trump 20
Gussie 12
Callie 2
Vega 2
Hillary 1