Down in Poverty

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One day at age 52 I woke up with no place to live, no job, a car that was going to get repossessed and sixty-seven cents! I was devastated. My grandson’s 7th birthday was coming up and Grammie Brenda would have to miss his party. I had no money to get there, let alone to pay for a gift for him. It broke my heart.

Without a car I took the transit bus. It took me six hours to go from White River Junction to Walgreen’s, Walgreen’s to Dunkin Donuts in White River, and then back home. The bus is handy when you have no transportation, but plan on a LONG day.

Fortunately, I was able to find shelter, food, clothing and many other opportunities at the Haven. Now I have a part-time job, used car, and a little money. Without the support and guidance at the Haven’s “Hixon House”, and all of the caring staff, none of this would have been accomplished.

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