Dinner Time at Byrne

Byrne Kids Dinner September

On a recent September evening, families at the Byrne House Family Shelter collaborated to create a dinner of chicken, rice and vegetable stir fry, green salad and brownies made from scratch. Then, outnumbering the adults, the kids took over the dining room table and enjoyed a very happy meal together.

This month, eight families are living in the Byrne House Family Shelter. The average length of stay is 105 days, an increase from about 90 days as affordable housing has become ever harder to find. Parents work closely with Service Coordinators and Shelter Staff to address their family’s goals and needs. Permanent housing and sustainable income are key for everyone, and physical health, mental health, transportation, education, parenting skills and other services may also be put into place. Children have special programs, and parents can work with a Financial Coach and take skill-building classes as well. When families leave the Haven, they can choose to stay connected for extra support on keeping a steady path forward.

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