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Brenda Hatch came to Hixon House in August, 2013. After enduring multiple physical, verbal, and emotionally abusive relationships, a divorce left her stranded with a car and 67 cents in her pocket. She arrived at the Haven with no employment and no self-esteem. Her car was repossessed after her acceptance into the shelter, and Brenda felt like she had nothing.

The Haven offered Brenda the resources she needed to reclaim her life and independence. While living in Hixon, she found employment and enrolled in several classes offered at the shelter. Her favorites were the Feeling Good About Yourself and Getting Ahead programs. She found inspiration especially in the Getting Ahead program, which is a program designed to help people revalue themselves, set goals, and achieve said goals in a timely fashion. It also helps individuals learn about poverty and socioeconomic classes, and build bridges out of poverty into new opportunities.

Now, through her hard work and perseverance, Brenda has regained her life in less than a year. Brenda’s employment has since allowed her to find housing in the Upper Valley, acquire a new car, and live independently. Finding housing in the White River area has allowed her to be near her family; she lives within visiting distance of her mother, son, and two grandchildren. She has also found time to give back to the community. Her graduating class from Getting Ahead from has taken the program one step further by establishing Forward Bound, a program that helps people to set smart goals while continuing to move forward with their lives. Brenda also works as a counselor at both Headrest and WISE of the Upper Valley. At WISE, she is able to follow her passion of helping struggling women of the Upper Valley.

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