An Unexpected Partnership

Robie Farm And D H

The Haven relies on a network of community partners in order to carry out its mission. Each partnership is unique. Some have been established within the last year, others have existed in some form since the Haven’s founding in 1980. Some partners focus their support on a particular area of the Haven’s work, for example, the Food Shelf, while others’ contributions vary or support multiple areas. Some participate by making financial donations, others give their time or make in-kind donations of personal care items, books, or school supplies. But to put it very simply: each partnership is important and without them the Haven would not exist.

This photo captures the spirit of collaboration that occurs on a daily basis in our work. At a quick glance, it may seem like an unlikely group—Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Robie Farm, Upper Valley Produce, and the Haven.

What brought representatives from these organizations together?

This year, for the first time, Robie Farm and Upper Valley Produce, a distributor for Robie Farm, awarded prizes to the six entities that bought the greatest quantity of Robie Farm products. The prize winners were the Foundry Restaurant (Manchester, NH), Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Killington Resort, Flying Goose Restaurant (New London, NH), the Concord Food Coop, and Bolton Valley Resort. The award for each of the winners was $250 of Robie Farm meats, a hand-crafted cutting board with a Robie Farm engraving and the Upper Valley Produce logo, and cutting knives. Dartmouth-Hitchcock chose to give their award to the Haven in recognition of our work with community members living in food insecure households.

“This gift of Robie Farms meat helped people in need of a good protein source”, said Sara Kobylenski, Executive Director of the Haven, “and the cutting board and knives have been put to good use in the Healthy Eating Program. The creativity and generosity of all of these organizations together benefited people truly in need. We are fortunate to be able to be a conduit for help that comes in every imaginable form.”

Pictured in the photo (l to r) are Debbie Keene, head nutritionist at DHMC; Lee Robie of Robie Farm; Sara Kobylenski, executive director of the Haven; William “Dave” Jones, executive chef at DHMC; and Ron Buffa, sales manager from Upper Valley Produce.

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