The Magic of Partnerships

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Alice came to the Haven after her Vietnam era veteran husband passed away. She and her adult son were struggling. Alice held professional positions until her health forced her to retire; and her son had some issues of his own that affected his employment, but was able to help his mother with transportation and other assistance in the home. Upon her husband’s death his Social Security ended, and though Alice had been attempting to get widow’s benefits through the Veteran’s Administration, she had been getting conflicting information, and her efforts were being thwarted.

At the time she came to the Haven she had cut out everything she could from her budget, and was struggling and frustrated. Her Haven Case Manager was able to help provide household goods and food for her, and immediately called Congressman Peter Welch’s office where his liaison responded and began to advocate on her behalf. The Haven helped her fax necessary documents to Peter Welch’s office, and with his staff’s assistance the benefit confusion was straightened out and Alice was able to receive the help she needed to remain in her home. The Haven’s support and connections made to public resources such as these dramatically reduced Alice’s stress, which had been having an adverse effect on her health.

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