“The water is waist high! We have to evacuate.”

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“My fiancé, our one-and-a-half-year-old daughter and I moved into the Rivermere apartments two weeks before the flooding on July 2nd.  The night of July 1st the power went out and one of the buildings had water.  Our neighbors said it started with just a trickle coming through the doors, but just five minutes later it was ankle deep.  A flood cleanup company came by the next day to fix the minor damages and the few apartments effected were back to normal.

Then, more rain came.

I remember Ava was at a play date and I was picking up our car that had just gotten fixed.  My fiancé called and said “The water is waist high! We have to evacuate.”  After we spent the afternoon helping people evacuate safely, we took our duffle bag of necessities, mostly for Ava, and headed for a hotel. The Haven was there with food for everyone.

The next day the Haven, the Red Cross and other organizations helped people get more clothing and important items from their apartments and gave them food and clothing they needed.  Just after this natural disaster, I found out my grandmother was nearing the end of her life.  My fiancé, Ava and I drove down to Connecticut to be with family and to say ‘goodbye’ to my grandmother. I feel so lucky that we had our car to make the trip when others at Rivermere still didn’t because it was too dangerous to drive on Slayton Road. Compared to others at Rivermere, I felt like we weren’t in as much need; some people didn’t even have a clean pair of shoes!

We were the first group of people to move back in after the flooding and had no idea what damage to expect. As we walked up to our apartment, we could see the flood line on doors of the other buildings; mud was knee deep and watermarks were waist high. Luckily, our apartment was spared. We were really fortunate.

The Rivermere community really came together to help each other out, even though we’d only met a few weeks earlier when we all moved in. I’m glad to know that I have such great neighbors and community organizations to help.  Once everyone moves back into Rivermere we are planning to have a barbecue to celebrate.” – Amy, a former Haven shelter guest and Rivermere resident

Look for more about Amy and her family in our upcoming printed newsletter.

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