Seasonal Shelter

Our goal is simple and time limited: to provide basic safe shelter for those who need it during cold weather months when our regular Shelters are full.

“Something as urgent and basic as a warm place to sleep in these winter months should be a given. The night hours may be long, but I always leave feeling the hours weren’t wasted.”
– Elsa, Haven Seasonal Shelter Volunteer

Our seasonal shelter is in Byrne House community building in the Café space used during the daytime for welcoming visitors who are waiting to speak with case managers, engaging with Healthy Eating volunteers or simply experiencing a safe place to spend time. Seasonal shelter guests are admitted between 5:30 and 9:30pm, with later arrivals under special circumstances. An experienced Shelter Staff employee welcomes, screens, logs-in and orients guests. Suppers from the Listen Community dinner or the Haven Hixon House adult shelter are provided. Snack and drinks are available as are a private shower and restrooms. Separate spaces are allocated to men and women. A combination of volunteers and regular Haven staff remain on awake status throughout the night. On most days guests depart at 7 a.m. Overnight guests may return at 8:30 for coffee and breakfast, along with others from the community.

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