Bagels are a Big Deal

“My daughter really wanted a bagel today when we were paying for gas at the station. I barely had the change to scrape together to pay for it. I bought it for her, she took two bites, and then she wouldn’t eat it because she didn’t like the flavor that had her excited about it…

My Journey Started at the Haven

My experience with poverty is tied very strongly to an episode of major depression that began to rear it’s ugly head near the end of 2009. I had started a business in 2008 that was failing; and I was very aware of the fact that my financial situation was deteriorating and my major depression was…


As a young boy of just 5 years, Rafael came to the Haven with his mother to seek shelter. They stayed in what was then the Haven farmhouse until they were able to get an apartment of their own. Since their departure they have remained a part of the Haven fabric. Pura, Rafael’s mother, has…

Doreen & her boys

Without the Haven, my boys and I would not be where we are today. Through all of my ups & downs the Haven has always been there to help me. Sometimes it has been a roof over my head, food or clothing; and other times it has been a shoulder to cry on, a smile…


Hope, Perseverance and Resilience

Darlene’s story is one of hope, perseverance and resilience. It demonstrates quite beautifully the strength that we often find within us in the face of tragedy. In January 2011, Darlene’s oldest daughter, Michelle was diagnosed with ALS. Darlene remembers feeling scared and angry when she found out, but she held on to her faith and still firmly believes that there is a purpose to what has happened to their family.

The Fixer at Hixon House

In the last few months, John Caswell lost the apartment he lived in for 14 years, became homeless, and spent nights sleeping on a park bench in downtown Lebanon. Lucky him.
I say that because Caswell’s misfortune led him to Hixon House, the Upper Valley Haven’s shelter for homeless adults in Hartford, where, along with getting a roof over his head and hot meals, he was matched up with Caroline Swaney.