What is important anyway?

A couple came in to the Haven to ask for a small amount of help to move into an apartment. Both are alcoholics; and have been in recovery, and married, for over a year. They were charming in that they obviously loved each other; and were so grateful for that, their extended families and their sobriety.

The T-Shirt Stories

The Haven’s T shirt collection is a representation of the Haven itself: a place where different lives that would not ordinarily touch have come together. When you enter the Clothing Room at the Haven and start to browse through the racks of T shirts, you begin to see the amazing representation and expressions of people’s lifestyles and ponder the special life scenarios of memorable events and personal passions.

Health & Poverty

I moved up to the area three years ago to be closer to Dartmouth Hitchcock, because its doctors were the only ones that were able to identify my brain aneurisms and treat me afterward. I had to quit my job due to my health issues, and became overloaded with medical bills; I was struggling to get by.

Homeless in West Lebanon?

Have you ever noticed the people standing near the off ramp of highway 89 in West Lebanon, or in the Walmart parking lot, asking for help through messages written on cardboard signs? In rural areas like the Upper Valley homelessness isn’t as visible as it is in cities. Here in our community the homeless sleep…

Those Who Care

Stan and Joe — two of the Haven’s most gracious visitors — placed a box at the bus stop in front of the Haven so that folks who would otherwise throw garbage on the ground have a better option. “I couldn’t stand looking at all the trash around the bus stop and wanted to do…

Lorrie’s Story

Lorrie came to the Haven after bouncing from couch to couch at the homes of her children. Once she got into the Haven her Case Manager, Caroline, helped her sign up for Medicaid and apply for food stamps. Several months earlier, Lorrie had quit her job at McDonald’s because she wasn’t able see very well or stand for long periods of time.


Daniel called the Haven several weeks ago inquiring about shelter. He was in a bind. He had lost his place to live, was staying with a friend, and the situation was no longer sustainable. He spoke with Haven Community Case Manager, Tara Mullen, who helped him find local low-income apartments that were available for rent.…

Paycheck to Paycheck

In February, Heidi came to the Haven in a panic when her pay check was stolen. With her job at a local fast food restaurant, Heidi was living paycheck to paycheck. Having her paycheck stolen meant that she would come close to getting evicted again. She’d had dodged eviction a few months before by borrowing…


I grew up with two deaf parents in tough times in Somerville, MA. As a teenager, I was constantly getting into trouble; stealing cars and drinking too much. I grew up very quickly on the streets. When I went into the military, I grew up the other way; I became a man. While in the military, I became injured. A flying rock hit me in the head and landed me in the hospital for two months. That was the path that started me on my life-long battle with pain medication.

Moving on

When my last of three children left for college it was hard. Everything started to crumble; I started drinking again; I stopped taking my medications; and I lost my steady job of 17 years. I had raised three girls on my own, and when they left I no longer had to be responsible. I had more time to go out and party, and stopped focusing on constructive things. This led to my roommate telling me he couldn’t put up with me anymore.