Safe & Warm

Clare came to the Haven in the bitter cold — homeless — carrying her infant son and everything she owned. She had almost nothing; and no time, space or focus to put her life back together. At the Haven she could breathe again knowing she had a roof over her son’s head, and a place to call HOME.

Sheltered Gems

Often, when a homeless person comes into The Upper Valley Haven, he or she comes with the clothes they are wearing and possibly a few personal things. This winter, a young boy brought along a seemingly insignificant item. But, in a setting of safety and sharing, it was discovered that he actually had something extremely precious. Read on to see just how priceless it was….

(Photo credit: Ariana van den Akker – Valley News)

Homeless Vigil 2014

On Sunday, December 7th 50 people gathered outside of St. Paul’s Church for the Haven’s annual homeless vigil to remember those who have lost their lives to homelessness. In 2014 there were 7 homeless deaths recorded in Vermont and NH, and two of them were from the Upper Valley area.

Opening Doors, Closing Gaps

Homeless. It’s an evocative word, one that conjures up images of a dirty, shaggy‐bearded man, a wild look in his eye, muttering to people only he can see as he pushes a shopping cart laden with soda cans and plastic bags around city streets, passersby giving him a wide berth. But that stereotype masks a truer picture of homelessness.

Housing and Education: Putting the Pieces Together

The first in a series of papers demonstrating the value of affordable housing for people and communities across the State of Vermont. Every morning, in schools across Vermont, students arrive—eager to learn, perhaps, but unable to engage fully in the day’s lessons because they’re exhausted from having slept in the family car the night before, or hungry, because their parents didn’t have enough money left over for food after paying the rent. Or they’re late arriving because the only affordable housing they could find is outside the district where they began the year, and it’s a long trip even in ideal weather.


Last month we shared with you our experiences with people who are visible at busy public places, holding signs asking for work or food or money. Interestingly, Jim Kenyon wrote about his encounter with one such man, telling much the same story that we had attempted to convey. There are others, however, who are largely…

Food Shelf Volunteer Casey Brown

Casey Brown has been volunteering at the Haven for about six months now after his father, “Downtown Bill” Brown, suggested his son follow in his footsteps and help in our Food Shelf. (Bill Brown, Casey’s father, is a local real estate agent who spends his free time giving back to the community through his work…