An Unexpected Gift

What would you do if you couldn’t afford clothes that fit your growing son? This week, a single mom with three children named Kathy met with one of the Haven’s Service Coordinators. One of Kathy’s sons is very tall for his age and she has been having trouble finding clothing to fit him, especially anything that she can afford.

A New Path Forward

When Dave’s marriage ended, his life began to unravel. He coped by drinking, which led to loss of his management job and steady annual salary. Soon, Dave was out of options, sleeping on park benches.

A “Haven Magic” Moment

When Joanna came to the Haven in need of clothes for work, we gave her a clothing voucher to use at the Listen Store. During the same visit, her service coordinator Tara noticed that she was wearing a flip flop that made her out of balance with the orthopedic boot she wore on her right leg.

Stronger Than Ever

Carla’s husband, the father of her two young children, was addicted to drugs. When Carla was with him, she made poor choices and was easily pulled into an unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle. She decided to make the break—and the Haven has been there to support her along the way.

Wheels in Motion

Summer is upon us and the Haven Bike Program is in full gear! Did you know that we make every effort to give each child who stays at the Haven a gently used or nearly new bicycle and a helmet, which they take with them when their families move out and into permanent housing?