Grateful for Home

“It takes time to go from a lifetime of living in fear and uncertainty to a stable, safe environment. There’s a lot more to ‘adjusting’ than people think. It’s a process. This is a whole new world for us.”

On October 16, 2015, Elizabeth and her eleven-year-old daughter, Violet, will celebrate their one-year anniversary of living in their own apartment. It has been a long road to get where they are today, but Elizabeth is proud of their progress.

Opening Doors

“Creating a community where people find hope and discover possibility…”

Much of our work at the Haven focuses on opening doors—that is, welcoming people warmly and without judgment, and helping them eliminate barriers in their lives so they can move forward on a clearer, less encumbered path.

Just in Time

“I’m really not sure where we would be without the Haven. We were out of options and had nowhere to go. The Byrne House Family Shelter gave us a temporary place to call home while we figured out what we were going to do next.

Larch’s Gift

Larch Miller, who celebrated her 85th birthday last month, volunteers at the Food Shelf desk every Friday. She is well known and loved at the Haven, having volunteered in different capacities over the last 13 years. In her role at the Food Shelf, Larch greets visitors, answers the phone, and in between, she knits.

The Story of the Day

In “The Story of the Day”, Service Coordinator Tara Mullen describes her meeting earlier this week with a homeless adult seeking assistance. She captures some of the struggles he faces, how the Haven has been able to help, and shares some personal insight into what it is like to do her job.

An Unexpected Gift

What would you do if you couldn’t afford clothes that fit your growing son? This week, a single mom with three children named Kathy met with one of the Haven’s Service Coordinators. One of Kathy’s sons is very tall for his age and she has been having trouble finding clothing to fit him, especially anything that she can afford.

A New Path Forward

When Dave’s marriage ended, his life began to unravel. He coped by drinking, which led to loss of his management job and steady annual salary. Soon, Dave was out of options, sleeping on park benches.