Trauma-Informed Care

The Haven is serving as the lead facilitator on a series of staff training sessions that will be offered to all of the homeless shelters across the state of Vermont. The focus of the trainings is on trauma-informed care in shelters.

A New Outlook

Her bus ticket is purchased and her bag is packed. Tonight, Terri will leave the Hixon House Adult Shelter at the Haven to return to Florida and her job as assistant manager on a farm.

The Act of Showing Up

“Attending the Haven’s ‘Getting Ahead’ class gave me a place I needed to be—a focus—when I really needed one. At first, I was just showing up. Then I began to get involved and do the work.”

Willing Hands

“Our ability to fulfill provide nutrition and not just calories to people with food insecurity in the Upper Valley depends deeply on our food resource partners. We celebrate Willing Hands as a vital partner in this mission”, says Executive Director Sara Kobylenski. “Willing Hands is a crucial part of the food system in the Upper Valley and a valued community partner of the Haven.”

One-Bag Wonders

Exciting program plans are underway! We are working to strengthen some of our existing food programs and explore new ways of serving those who live in food insecure households in the Upper Valley.