Taking the Wheel

Take a few moments to consider this: what would your life be like without a car?

Imagine your weekday and weekend routines, and how your life would be different if you did not have a vehicle. People in poverty face these questions on a daily basis.

19 Days of Norwich, Lyme, WRJ, Hanover & Beyond

Thank you. As a community, you have continued to step up again and again, year after year, to help people living in poverty in the Upper Valley. We’re grateful for your food and cash donations, volunteer hours, attendance at events, responses to special drives like for winter coats and blankets, and throughout it all, the energy and caring you demonstrate.

King Arthur Flour

They are community-minded. They are generous. Founded 220 years ago in Boston, they have since grown into the nation’s premier baking resource, based right here in the Upper Valley. King Arthur Flour is located about 3 ½ miles down Route 5 from our campus, a proximity that has contributed to the strength of their partnership with the Haven.

Creative Giving

It never ceases to amaze us how community members continue to find unique ways to give to the Haven. Some donate money or food. Some volunteer their time. Others respond to special drives for school supplies or warm winter clothing. We also have volunteers who come to the Haven to share a special skill that will benefit others.

The Haven’s Seasonal Shelter

The Haven has two shelters that are open year-round—the Hixon House Adult Shelter accommodates 21 individuals and the Byrne House Family Shelter accommodates 8 families. From November to April, we have a third emergency space that is available to people who are homeless called the Seasonal Shelter. It is staffed by Haven employees and community volunteers.

Candlelight Vigil

For most of us, winter brings thoughts of holidays, gifts, and good cheer. Unfortunately, too many of our neighbors in the Upper Valley see winter as time when the cold is against them, food is in short supply, and the ability to stay warm is a daily challenge.

The Haven’s Greatest Gift

Ginny and her two children, ages five and eight, moved out of the Haven’s Byrne Family Shelter in early November after a two-month stay. Now, Ginny is renting a two-bedroom unit in an apartment complex that she researched and decided would be ideal for her family. This is just one of the near-term goals Ginny set for herself and accomplished this fall.